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Miriam Netti

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“La Bossa Vol. 2 is the new album of Jazz singer Miriam Netti - album release
next February 4th - and also a live musical project comprised of two albums
for now: “La Bossa” and “La Bossa Vol. II.” The project was born out of the
desire to reimagine some of the most beautiful and iconic compositions
from the Italian, American and Brazilian songbooks in a more personal and
intimate way. La Bossa is a courageous and honest experiment that is not
shying away from the clichés and the limits of a less arranged, more
spontaneous production but gladly engages with compelling
interpretations of the “greats” of the past. La Bossa reflects the Italian
heritage and musical traditions of the artist which educated and influenced
her style and her creativity. Yes, creativity, because reimagining songs can
be challenging when there are already so many beautiful versions out there.
It requires intuition, knowledge, and artistic freedom from the customary
and conventional. Combining the wealth and breadth of the artist
experience, La Bossa grows and expands, aiming for new ground. And when
the sound is right, it must go deep. Buon ascolto!

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Büdchen am Westerberg
Mozartstraße 87
49074 Osnabrück

Tel.: 0541 6003726

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